Denise Fisher


Denise Fisher

Long Island Advance
May 2016

About Denise Fisher

Denise was raised in the Bensonhurst/Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn, but has lived on Long Island in the same home for over 40 years.She attended Performing Arts HS in NYC and SUNY Stony Brook. Married at 20, she opened a small restaurant that same year; a business which did quite well for over three decades. She has two grown sons, one of whom is mobility challenged.

She began working in advertising in 1977 as a graphic artist, and became a sales executive in 2000. Throughout her career in marketing, she has been trained in all types of print media, web design, digital advertising, as well as search engine marketing & optimization.  Denise currently works at the Long Island Advance.

She has been a Farmingville Chamber member for years. At first, this was an assignment. But, the members involved in the chamber and their enthusiasm, commitment, and vision for the town they live in was so infectious, that even when her sales territory was changed from Farmingville to other areas- she stayed with the FHCC. She attended meetings and volunteered her time – without even having a company sales booth- at the Street Fair. She is eager to continue to help the chamber in its efforts to grow the business community in Farmingville!

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